How to select the right pump, faster?

In order to give you a deeper insight into the various features of SPAIX, Fluids & Co is showing you some elements of the Spaix 5 Introduction Video Series.

Spaix 5 is a full CPQ (cost price quote) solution. The easy tool featuring the computer supported selection and configuration of centrifugal pumps. The extensive program, with which almost every design and construction variation can be displayed, reflects the company’s nearly 25 years of experience in the implementation of such solutions. The new version particularly shines when it comes to its intuitive operating concept as well as the increased performance and offers a wide range of additional functionalities. With its integrated price calculation as well as offer and project functionalities, the software serves as a central part of the sales process.

The videos explain different features or program functionalities clearly and easy to understand.

General overview

Users can choose between the hydraulic selection, the direct product selection and optionally the search for the article number or the description. QuickSearch, right on the main screen, enables users to find the right pump faster. 

Friction loss calculation

Spaix PipeCalc offers support when it comes to friction loss calculation. On the basis of predefined parameters, the program determines the friction loss for unbranched systems as well as the flow rate according to official international standards.

If you need to calculate the pressure losses into a more complex network, use PASS/Hydrosystem, the right tool, also connected to SPAIX.

Pump Exchange

The Spaix PumpExchanger allows the pump exchange by linking old pumps to current pump models. The user receives one or more suggestions for new pumps. He may than directly select and configure it. He can directly visualize and compare, in the diagram, the performance curves of old and new pumps .

VSX updates constantly the Spaix 5 Introduction Video Series. There will be more videos displayed here in the future, but also on the VSX Website.