Spectral element method : an advantage in FEA simulations

The key advantages of the spectral element method are speed  and simplicity of the finite element mesh generation. The higher the order of the spectral element used in the calculation, the fewer elements and nodes are required  for the precise model description.

Using spectral element method enables

  • Support of nonconformal meshes with gaps/overlaps between contacting bodies allows not to make simplification/healing of an input CAD assembly,
  • Continuous displacements and stresses even in case of gaps/overlaps,
  • Automatic contact zone detection  based on specified geometrical parameter.

If you want to…

  • Improve computational time, especially in crush-test  and modeling tasks where massive plastic deformations occur within a short period  of time.
  • Increase the speed of grid convergence by high-precision discretization (by high-order polynomials).
  • Perform the grid convergence check by altering the order  of the spectral element which does not require a mesh rebuild.

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