We invite process, piping and mechanical engineers & designers to view our overview webinar on PASS/START-PROF!

Your software for fast and easy pipe stress analysis

During the webinar, Alex Matveev, Ph.D., PASS/START-PROF Development, Support & Training since 2005, presents main features of PASS/START-PROF, the software providing comprehensive stress, flexibility, stability, and fatigue strength analysis with related sizing calculations for buried and above ground, HDPE, FRP/GRP/GRE, vacuum, high pressure, high temperature, and cryogenic piping systems.


  • Brief START-PROF Software History
  • Model Creation Tools
  • Modeling Supports, Checking Allowable Loads, Checking Stresses
  • Operation Mode Editor (Load Cases), Seismic, Wind, Snow, Ice Loads
  • Spring Selection
  • Expansion Joints Modelling
  • Flange Leakage Check
  • Creep Stress Analysis, Self-Cold-Spring Effect Due to Creep
  • Pressure Vessel, Column, Tank Modelling
  • Buried Piping Analysis
  • FRP/GRP/GRE Piping Stress Analysis
  • HDPE Piping Stress Analysis
  • ASME B31J Implementation
  • Finite element Analysis of Tees, Laterals with D/t>100
  • Import from CAESAR IITo register or for more details, please contact us.

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