ESApro / Process Design Suite

dedicated to the process and electrical design of the plant

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  • Intelligent P&IDs driven by piping spec. ESApro P&ID provides a tool for the creation of the Piping Specs that constantly controls and assists the user while drafting the scheme.
  • Customizable environment. The symbol library, complying with the international standards, so as the graphic environment and the tagging rules can be easily customized by the user.
  • Graphic Tools. The graphic functions of the program drastically reduce the drawing timing, minimizing errors.
  • Automatic tags. The system uses tagging functions compliant with the ISA and KKS standards.
  • Easy and versatile editing. The program is particularly efficient in the editing phase: each change in the piping class automatically affects the components of lines and lists.
  • Consistency check. A series of automatic tools allows the user to check the continuity of the lines, as well as to avoid duplications and locate lines, components or instrumentation loops on the drawing.
  • Automatic generation of lists. The program generates lists of lines, instruments, components and equipment in Excel or TXT formats by using customizable templates.
  • Integration with ESApro 3D Piping. Dedicated functions constantly check on the consistency between the P&ID scheme and the 3D model.
  • Comparing revisions. The generated reports highlight the changes between two different revisions of the scheme.
  • Integration with wiring diagrams. The design data can be shared with the software for the design of wiring diagrams.

ESApro Instrumentation

  • Automatic datasheets generation. Starting from an ESApro P&ID project, ESApro Instrumentation creates and manages instrument, component and equipment datasheets.
  • Bidirectional synchronization Instrumentation / Process. The shared project database ensures the constant alignment of all the information reported in the project documents: P&ID diagrams, line and instrument lists, datasheet.
  • Instrumentation data views. Through a data grid interface ESApro Instrumentation displays the instrument data of an ESApro P&ID project and also allows the user to add further detail data.
  • Hook-up manager. ESApro Instrumentation allows to associate to each instrument its own hook-up and automatically provides the bill of materials.
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