START-PROF Piping Stress Video Training Series

This video series was created by PASS distributor in Australia – Moonish Engineering and also available through thanks to Alex Matveev, one of the authors of pipe stress analysis codes GOST 32388-2013 Process Piping, and GOST 55596-2013 District Heating Networks. He is also one of the developers of PASS/Start-Prof software, developed since 1965 and used in 95% of process, power, district heating, gas and oil transportation design companies in Russia and CIS countries; it is a standard de facto in that region.

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Piping And Equipment Analysis & Sizing Suite or PASS/START-PROF is a comprehensive pipe stress analysis program similar to other Stress Analysis software like Caesar II, AutoPipe, Caepipe, Rohr II, etc. PASS/START-PROF software checks the piping flexibility, stability, and fatigue strength at ease. It performs all related sizing calculations following international and national codes & standards.

It is the world’s first Pipe Stress Analysis Software and first developed in 1965 in Russia. It possesses a highly powerful analysis features and efficient solver with user-friendly 3D graphics. At the same time, their detailed help system from generations of piping design experts is really praiseworthy.

The aim of PASS/START-PROF software creation is that it is planned for regular designers without special knowledge in pipe stress analysis and/or detailed knowledge of standards.

Where to use START-PROF:

PASS/START-PROF can be used to analyze piping and pipeline systems from the following industries:

  • process piping industry
  • power piping industry
  • gas and oil transportation industry
  • district heating piping
  • hot water supply etc,

The software can be used for stress analysis of underground, above ground, vacuum, high pressure and/ or high temperature, also cryogenic piping considering various types of restraints, spring hangers, pipe fittings, and expansion joints. PASS/STARTPROF offers an automatic selection of variable and constant spring hanger supports.

The material database of PASS/START-PROF is wide considering the various range of materials that are used in pipelines which include all types of steels, nonferrous materials, plastic pipes and fittings, orthotropic materials such as fiberglass, reinforced plastic, glass-reinforced plastics, and glass-reinforced epoxy.

VIDEO 1: How to Create New Project in Start Prof

VIDEO 2: How To Add Pipe and Load Cases

VIDEO 3: How to Add Anchors

VIDEO 4: How to Add Bends

VIDEO 5: How to Add Node to Pipe Element

VIDEO 6: How to Move a Node on Pipe Element

VIDEO 7: How to Add Node to Bend Element

VIDEO 8: How to Add Multiple Nodes on Pipe Element

VIDEO 9: How to Change Units

VIDEO 10: How to Renumber Nodes

VIDEO 11: How To Associate Global Coordinates to a Node

VIDEO 12: How To Add a Tee

VIDEO 13: How To Add a Reducer

VIDEO 14: How To Add a Valve

VIDEO 15: How To Add a Resting Support

VIDEO 16: How To Add a Guide

VIDEO 17: How To Add a Line Stop

VIDEO 18: How To Add a Special Support [Part 1]

VIDEO 19: How To Add a Special Support. [Part 2]

For detailed reference you can visit the official Starter Guide: Start-Prof 4.83 R7 User’s Guide