PASS/Equip Nozzle-FEM 3.1 is released

PASS/Nozzle-FEM is a program designed to calculate the stresses and flexibility of nozzle-to-shell junctions using the finite element method (FEM). It also calculates the nozzle’s allowable loads and estimates the strength of the junctions for a wide range of geometric configurations and operating conditions. The program helps engineers to provide higher levels of equipment safety while reducing labor costs at the design stage. It is intended for use by equipment and piping designers and mechanical engineers and can help them to quickly check and satisfy requirements for loads on pressure vessel/equipment nozzles, as well as on non-standard piping fittings. It is recommended for use in design and industrial safety reviews in oil and gas, refineries, petrochemical, chemical, power and other industrial facilities.

New features available in release 3.1

  1. The model of torispherical head was added.
  2. The models of conical reducer and head with a knuckle\flare were added.
  3. The model of support skirt was added.
  4. The calculations in testing and mounting condtions were added for all codes/rules.
  5. The capability of axial direction (axis Z) of head and rectangle plate inverting was added.
  6. The dialog boxes were added that simplify the weld factors setting as per GOST 34233.6-2017.
  7. The reduced membrane stresses are now calculated with the shear stress for WRC 107(537)/297.
  8. The stress test as per equation (13) GOST 34233.1-2017 was fixed, when allowable stresses are set by limits of the creep and the long strength.
  9. The procedure of auto selecting of model view was fixed for the generation of report images.
  10. Some minors bugs has been fixed

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