Interview with Alex Matveev

Dr. Matveev, you are one of the developers of START-PROF, that is widely used in CIS countries and standard de facto for 50+ years, has a great base of 3000 companies that use it every day.

Some of START-PROF Worldwide Customers

The circumstances were such that a translation into English language was made only 5 years ago. Therefore, no one knew such software outside of CIS.

We are pleased to meet you today, and you are kind enough to reply to a few questions.

What is the main difference between well known CAESAR II and START-PROF?

In CAESAR II users usually create the piping model from the beginning. The modifying of existing piping model is huge headache. Simple operations like copying, rotating, node renumbering, node deleting is a big problem. In START-PROF everything is piece of cake. You can create the model like in 3D modeling software. After that you can easily modify existing model, change everything, copy any part of the model, rotate it, select part of piping model and copy it from one file to another using clipboard.

alex 1
A view of the START-PROF user interface

Buried piping modeling, FRP piping modeling is awful in CAESAR II, HDPE piping analysis, buckling are absent. In START-PROF it is piece of cake.

Is it complicated to work with START-PROF?

To start working with CAESAR you need to learn for years. All checks must be done manually: piping stress, support loads, expansion joint deformations. CAESAR II just show you the bare numbers, you must be an expert to understand it. In START-PROF you can start working immediately, even without any knowledge in pipe stress. START-PROF is so smart that you need just draw the piping like in 3D modeling software and push the button “run analysis”.

START-PROF will tell you if your model has any problems and show where exactly. All checks are made automatically: stresses, support loads, expansion joint deformations, flange leakage, buckling, loads on springs in all operating modes, stresses in insulation, stresses in flaws. It is impossible to explain, you need just try it.

What about the user interfaces?

It makes no sense to compare the user interface of CAESAR II and START-PROF. Obviously, at the START-PROF user interface and graphics is of much higher level. And analysis features much smarter.

In CAESAR II user wasting a lot of time doing everything manually. In START-PROF handwork is reduced to minimum, everything is automated, all algorithms are smart.

Comparing START-PROF with CAESAR II is like to compare old cell phone from 1990s with modern smartphone.

Is it possible to try START-PROF?

Free START-PROF Viewer can be obtained from Fluids & Co. It is always available for free. The START-PROF Viewer is not for performing pipe stress analysis, save or export piping models. It can only be used to open the already analyzed START-PROF model. Several models are added to the installation package. The function of the Viewer is to show the model as well as analysis results to partners or clients who don’t have the latest version of START-PROF software yet.

Fully functional 30-day (one month) free version of Piping Stress Analysis Software Package START-PROF is available for everyone!

Thanks Alex for your time !