VOLTA and modeFRONTIER release 2020 Spring now available

With the latest improvements, you can rely on an even more easy-to-use optimization experience, regardless of your level of expertise. Make the most of the simulation democratization and accelerate your engineering process.

Whether you are a simulation and optimization expert, or you don’t have solid knowledge in design exploration, you can benefit from the enhanced usability of our technology. Find the best design in less time for products that perform well in real life, keeping all uncertainties and errors into consideration with our quality engineering approach. With little expertise and efforts required, you can also access all the information you need to make the best decisions, leaving complexity out of the picture.

Optimization-driven design

Design high-quality products, quickly and at low cost with quality engineering technology


Benefit from the best-in-class approach to deliver high-quality products while considering all uncontrolled factors during the production or the operating phase. Along with our consolidated multi-objective robust design optimization technology, you can now rely on the Taguchi-based quality engineering method.

When dealing with products that may undergo failures due to external and internal causes, minimizing such quality loss is more cost-effective than trying to control their source. Apply the Taguchi method now available in modeFRONTIER at the early design stages. It will help you identify the best set of parameters that makes the entire system less sensitive to uncertainty. With the evaluation of a few designs, you can quickly find the perfect balance between product and engineering quality and production costs. 

Find the best solution faster with autonomous design space exploration

Whether you need to start understanding your engineering problem, or you want to optimize your design, you can rely on our intelligent algorithms without any setting required. Choose the automatic approach to machine learning and focus on the improvements you want to reach rather than on the configuration of your optimization strategy. Our well-trusted autonomous AI technology ensures you the best trade-off between the quality of the solution and the time necessary to find it. Our algorithms are now even easier to use with the planner environment both in modeFRONTIER and VOLTA: be guided through your design exploration experience and save your time to innovate.

Engineering Data Intelligence

Ease communication with the enhanced visualization capabilities of VOLTA advisor


Describe, take notes and visualize all information on the same dashboard. When collaborating with other teams, making information easily understandable for everyone, is essential to make informed decisions and minimize evaluation errors.

With the new reporting features, you can add notes and images to make data easier to read and understand. Streamline the comparison and evaluation of different design solutions and support your analysis with information that help your company easily understand your results.

Simulation Data Management

Enhance productivity and collaboration with VOLTA API-fication

Benefit from system integration through VOLTA APIs and make your simulation data stored in VOLTA available to other users, both within and outside your company.  

Allow other teams or external stakeholders to access complex simulation predictions while hiding the entire simulation complexity and exposing only the information they need. With the integration of external systems and interfaces in VOLTA, you won’t need to duplicate data. This allows you to enhance your productivity and reduce the chances of error. At the same time, you can enable external users to focus on their processes instead of getting lost in simulation complexity and huge amount of data.

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