An integration system released between PASS/START-PROF and Autodesk Revit

Moscow, March 12, 2020 – PSRE released an integration system between START-Prof software and Autodesk Revit. The Revit-START integration system allows you to accurately transfer the geometry of the pipeline and attributive information from the BIM design system to the system for calculating the strength and rigidity of pipelines.

Data exchange is implemented through an open format, which makes it possible to divide the roles of users in the project and optimize the organization’s budget by using only the necessary products.

Using the Revit-START integration system will allow design organizations to effectively organize the design of industrial facilities due to a significant reduction in the time required for re-entering data. In addition, the use of the integration system when Autodesk Revit and START-Prof are used together excludes the possibility of errors associated with manual data entry into the calculation model.

The commercial version of the product is already available: it is possible to purchase the Revit-START integration system directly with START-Prof

We have been linked to Autodesk for many years through the Autodesk Developer Network. We note a high demand for integrated solutions for the design of pipelines – from the idea to design and calculation of strength. Application of the integration system will allow our customers to optimize their labor costs, significantly reducing the amount of data transfer between the engineering analysis system and the Revit BIM system.

Leonid Korelstein, Deputy Director of PSRE

Autodesk Revit is a leader among BIM design systems in Russia, including in industrial projects. Therefore, we strongly welcome and develop developments based on it. “Revit-START” will allow our customers to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the engineering plan, as well as open new horizons for advanced work in the most complex projects

Peter Manin, Autodesk Technical Director

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