PASS/Equip Nozzle-FEM -Powerful software for nozzle-to-shell junctions analysis


PASS/Equip Nozzle-FEM is designed for numerical calculations (FEM) of strength and stiffness of nozzle or support junction nodes with various shell types, heads, and other elements.

The software allows to quickly perform calculations without special education, knowledge and training.

PASS/Equip Nozzle FEM automatically performs most of the operations (geometric and finite element models creation, calculation results analyzing, generation of detailed reports), and helps significantly reduce time required for the design analysis.

Key related industries: Oil & gas, Chemical, Power and others.


During the webinar, you will see main features of PASS/Equip Nozzle FEM:

  • Why you need to use PASS/Equip Nozzle FEM
  • Supported codes and standards for stress analysis
  • Various element types
  • Types of nozzle junctions (with/without reinforcement)
  • Various cases of nozzle placements and their orientation relative to the base shell
  • Loads and effects setting capabilities
  • Results accuracy review
  • Capabilities of a 3D visual postprocessor
  • Integration capabilities


Roman Unesikhin, Head of Product Development Group.

Leonid Korelstein, Head od R&D

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