Piping Simulation Comparison – Chapter 7

Main Applications

Each product is working in various market sectors and for different applications.

This chapter will show you the principal cases to help you to select the one corresponding to your needs.


Flomaster is a powerful 1D CFD solution for solving thermo-fluid design challenges across a wide range of industries.

Systems engineers working on plant and process problems as well as power generation and energy related system problems can use Flomaster to understand behavior and solve problems in a wide range of systems.

But the two main application sectors for Flomaster are automotive and aerospace.


Flomaster can be used to address questions about the following aerospace and defense systems: 

  • Environmental Climate Control
  • Fuel Systems
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Lubrication Systems
  • Ancillary Fluid Systems

And finally, in the automotive industry Flomaster can be used to address questions about the following related systems: 

  • VTMS (Vehicle Thermal Management Systems)
  • Fuel Systems
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Waste Heat Recovery (ORC)


As we can see below, Flownex, like Flomaster is present in a lot of markets, excepting automotive.

Flownex Applications

For historical reasons, the main application of Flownex are Power Generation (Nuclear and Turbines) but also HVAC.


Main Pipes

Hydrosystem combines sophisticated calculation capabilities with ease-of-use to deliver fluid flow and heat transfer simulation and sizing of any piping network in any design stage by “regular” engineers and designers. Process and piping engineers of more than 600 companies use the software now every day.

Pipelines analyzed include:

  • Process piping systems at plants, storage facilities, pumping, and compressor stations;
  • Plant utility piping systems such as steam, water, compressed air, inert gases, fuel, refrigerants, and others;
  • Piping in mechanical industries such as aerospace, ship building, boiler, turbines, and more;
  • Oil and gas upstream and midstream pipelines;
  • Outdoor piping networks including district heating, water, and gas distribution;
  • Other piping networks.

Extensive analysis capabilities, along with integration with popular CAD tools and within the PASS suite, makes Hydrosystem an ideal component for any piping system design workflow.

Each situation is different

The needs of your company are not necessarily the same as another society, they may also have changed with years.

Do not hesitate to contact Fluids & Co to have a personalized study of your project.