3 Great Webinars for the New Release of Start-Prof : do not miss them!

Shortly before launch of a new significant version of PASS/START-PROF 4.84 that will become available very soon, PASS Team announces a series of industry related webinars on the software for piping stress analysis and sizing.

The webinars will cover main features and supported codes of PASS/START-PROF for a specific industry as well as presentation of new software options.

Registration link https://passuite.com/press-release/pass_start_industry_webinars_062020

PASS/START-PROF is a pipe stress analysis software that is an industry standard in some countries since 1965. Nowadays it is a modern software with an easy-to-use object-oriented piping modelling principle, wide integration capabilities, with a fast growing number of international users and quick development!

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Who is recommended to join the webinars?

  • Piping, process, mechanical engineers and designers who look for easy to learn and use, but reliable piping stress analysis software.
  • PASS/START-PROF existing customers who would like to learn about new software features and capabilities.

Three webinars will be held:

  1. PASS/START-PROF Capabilities for Pipe Stress Analysis of Power and Process Piping Systems – June 11, 2020 – see detailed agenda
  2. PASS/START-PROF Capabilities for Oil & Gas Gathering, Upstream and Midstream Pipelines – June 16, 2020 – see detailed agenda
  3. PASS/START-PROF Capabilities for District Heating Stress Analysis – June 18, 2020 – see detailed agenda

Registration link https://passuite.com/press-release/pass_start_industry_webinars_062020 or Contact us.