PASS/START-PROF Capabilities for Oil & Gas Gathering, Upstream and Midstream Pipelines

Date: 16 June 2020

Learn how PASS/START-PROF can significantly increase your productivity, save the time and increase the accuracy while pipeline model creation, its analysis, and reports generation.


  • Quick introduction of PASS/START-PROF
  • Supported codes for pipelines
  • Object-oriented pipiline model creation principle
  • Piping object types pipe, tees, bends, reducers, etc.
  • Underground and aboveground pipeline modeling abilities
  • Soil model for dry and liquified soil. Submerged pipelines. Buoyancy
  • Soil model for horizontal, inclined, vertical pipelines
  • Restrained and unrestrained zones automatic analysis
  • Seismic wave propagation analysis
  • Soil subsidence, frost heaving, landslide, seismic fault crossing
  • Natural arch of collapse phenomena, horizontal directional drilling
  • Ring bending calculation using nonlinear FEA
  • Databases, wind, ice, snow, seismic loads
  • Pipe and fittings wall thickness calculation
  • Operation mode editor. Load cases
  • Analysis reports: Stress in piping, Stress in insulation, Seismic stress, Flaw stress, Restraint loads, Equipment loads, Displacements, Expansion joints check, variable spring selection, constant spring selection, buckling analysis, flange leakage
  • Special features

Presenter: Alex Matveev, Ph.D. PASS/Start-Prof Development, Support & Training Since 2005

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