Fluids & Co is representing Vento CFD in North-America.

Fluids & Co is happy to announce its partnership with Vento CFD.

VENTO AEC is a product specially dedicated to the AEC market that would be now also available in Canada and USA.

No need for specific aerodynamics knowledge to use it. it speaks the BIM language pf Architects and Civil Engineers.

You would be able to threat 3D models of extreme geometrical complexity.

See below two examples of what can be simulated.

Barcelona Metro

Natural Ventilation in a Barcelona metro station: the isovolumes represent the different concentrations of stale air (Red is 85-100% and finally Black is 5-20%). The transient lasts 1.5 hours (real time). The stale air is first diluted and then eventually disappears, substituted by fresh air coming from the train tunnels (0.5 m/s) and from above the ground through the station entrances.

Allianz Arena – Munich

The video shows the most comfortable stands of the Allianz Arena in Munich. The transparent blue cloud shows the 3D space where the air velocity is lower than 0.2 meters per seconds. The simulated external wind speed was 10 meters per second (36 km/h).

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