Automatic selection of manufacturer’s pump for your piping network – New Collaboration

FLUIDS & Co is now working in collaboration with VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE to associate the North-America pump world with their Spaix solutions, included into PASS/HYDROSYSTEM

PASS/HYDROSYSTEM delivers a unique opportunity for customers who need to select pumps for their piping systems. The seamless integration with famous Spaix software allows forwarding of all necessary data (duty point data, fluid properties, restriction on NPSH) to Spaix with the push of a button. The user then selects the optimal pump (with all optimization features – impeller trimming, changing the rotation speed, changing blade angle of propeller pumps etc.) and forwards all of the selected pump’s performance curves back to PASS/HYDROSYSTEM for final calculation.

Hydrosystem allows to use Spaix application for pump selection. To use this option one should input the pump in Hydrosystem as component with known change of pressure equal to the required head of pump and run the pipeline analysis (isothermal or thermohydraulic).

After that “Spaix Pump Selection…” button will appear in parameters window for that component. Pressing that button will call “Spaix Pumps” application (if it is installed on that PC) for pump selection.

All the necessary data for pump selection (required head of pump, flowrate, fluid properties etc.) are exported into Spaix and user only needs to select the pump from the list of pumps compatible with exported data.

After pump is selected, all the pump data (head and NPSH curves, pump manufacturer etc.) are imported into Hydrosystem for further analysis and component with known change of pressure is transformed into pump piping component.

This short video will show you how it works.

The lite (Quick & Easy) version of Spaix is available free of charge along with PASS/HYDROSYSTEM.

For more details, contact us.