Bruce makes the creation of Digital Twins fast, easy and useful.

Nextspace has just released brand new 3D Digital Twin technology to help bring GIS and BIM and other 2D, 3D, spatial and non-spatial data together.

It is a really great way to present and share your data privately and publicly using our cloud-based system. 

A Simple Process

You will be able to bring together GIS, BIM, asset management, work orders and document management systems and processes into a seamless interface that does not necessarily supersede existing systems but complements them, and the data within them, with new UI and amalgamated understanding.

The process is quite simple:

  1. Describe the things you care about
  2. Places these things in your world in space and time
  3. Link the thinks with each other and external data
  4. Edit, manage, analyse, and optimise
  5. Share and communicate all dimensions of your world with others

You will transcend maps to a powerful new multidimensional data navigation concept.

You will manage “things” (not maps!) and their critical attributes. The relationship between things, with data and documents, and all the possible visual representations and levels of detail or resolutions.

A Digital Twin

Bruce can connect and present this disparate data into one Digital Dashboard that can be used across an organization.

Your team can benefit from the secure and simple tools that enable access, sharing and integration of data between multiple internal and external users.

Bruce description

Bruce does not replace existing GIS systems but utilises the data already there in combination with other data that is not easily amalgamated and assimilated with 2D GIS map-based systems

There is a benefit to creating a new technology that is not founded in the age of 2D digital maps, mainframes and desktop computers but instead uses 3D and cloud-based computing and storage.

Building a solution upon these new precepts rather than adding them to older existing technologies creates some clear advantages.

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