VOLTA and modeFRONTIER Winter 2020 released

The new VOLTA and modeFRONTIER Release 2020 is now available. With the latest update, we introduce the VCollab 3D technology in VOLTA to empower the visualization of simulation results and enhance the management of data. Among other new features and improvements, modeFRONTIER comes with a new direct integration node with Rhino3D/Grasshopper while VOLTA keeps strengthening the communication with external systems through expanded APIs capabilities.

Engineering Data Intelligence

Get full insights into your design with VCollab 3D visualization

Thanks to Visual Collaboration Technologies (VCollab) for simulation visualization, you are now able to visualize CAD and CAE models into a unique 3D viewer file to further undertake post-process advanced analysis. This makes it possible to directly interact with a 3D model in VOLTA to check whether a design is reasonable or not rather than only relying on charts and 2D reports to make decisions. 

By combining VOLTA Simulation Data Management capabilities with VCollab technology, engineers, and everyone else involved in the simulation design process, can access and review 3D models in one click from a web browser interface. No need to download a myriad of CAE data formats and deal with their solvers anymore. Save time and visualize the 3D simulation results within the VOLTA environment. Moreover, engineers can easily share simulation actionable insights with other team members to collaboratively check design changes, update models, and take future actions in the product development process.


Integration and process automation

Rhino/Grasshopper: the new direct integration node

Grasshopper, a graphical plug-in for Rhinoceros 3D modeling tools, joins the list of direct integration nodes available in modeFRONTIER. 

Quickly automate 3D Building simulations and investigate complex geometries in less time. Architects and structural engineers can ​now seamlessly integrate their models into modeFRONTIER and use our advanced algorithms to optimize project-wide build parameters.


Optimization-Driven Design

Apply design exploration and optimization strategies from your custom enterprise application, with the new VOLTA API endpoints.

In addition to the VOLTA API capabilities to manage the interaction with engineering data, you can now run different simulation scenarios and apply DOE and optimization algorithms based on your permissions level.

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