Digital twin from GIS and BIM

What could you do with BIM and Bruce?

Enjoy this 4 Min video – a lot to show, and we only scratch the surface.

Firstly a single structural IFC CAD model from Tekla is loaded as an IFC with all data, matched to standards and geopositioned.

Then a sample showing a COBIE reference model, a Plant and Process ISO 15925 model then integration of a BIM model with the new 3D OSM buildings.

A special thanks to David Rycroft CEO of Pegasus engineering for the Tekla steel structure model used here.

This structure is part of a construction in Queenstown, NZ.

Nextspace is working with Pegasus to integrate Tekla and STRUMES data into a single unified view that can track delivery, construction staging and QA processes, both during and post construction.

It is intended to help catch clashes and other errors as early as possible before they become costly repair processes post construction.

For more details, contact us.