Virtual Replica of a Community with Bruce

Stillwater is a city in Washington County, Minnesota across the St. Croix River from the state of Wisconsin. It is the county seat. The population was 18,225 at the 2010 census.

The pilot This is Stillwater was born of a curiosity to discover the value a virtual replica (Digital Twin) of a community might have for its members. 

More specifically, how might it affect:

  • Awareness of community and regional matters
  • Curiosity to learn more about them
  • Understanding through richer context
  • Efficiency of acquiring and acting (constructively) on the above

These early stages of the project have focused on developing a prototype, while refining interfaces for data entry and end-user experience.  In tandem, the project has engaged local students, educators, residents, businesses, scientists, and agencies in conversations centered primarily on ‘sustainability’.  And where data exists – bring it to life to foster organic engagement and discussion.

To date they have demonstrated technical feasibility, and when used – provided tangible (yet anecdotal) evidence of expanding perceptions and mindsets.  One such example involves a scientist rewriting a water forecasting model based on new realizations gained through this project.

In tandem with ongoing assimilation of data, their focus for 2021 is to refine Why and How members of the community would use this.   A portion of the answer they feel lies in the sense of division and confusion associated with traditional social platforms.  So far – there appears to be a value-proposition along this front awaiting discovery as it has been raised, by participants, as a frequent point of discussion.

Thanks to Michael Manore from Vispective originator and lead to this project for sharing this information with us.

If you want to know more about Bruce, or create your own Digital Twin, just contact us.