Guohua Power Dingzhou Reconstruction Project

PowerChina Hebei Electric Power Engineering realized this project with PASS/START-PROF in Dingzhou City, Hebei Province, China between 2020 and 2021.

Company Profile

Power China Hebei Electric Power Survey and Design Research Institute Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of China Power Construction Group Co., Ltd. Founded in 1958. It is a national Class A survey and design unit and one of the top 100 national survey and design comprehensive companies.

The scope of business covers power system planning, power generation projects (coal, gas, geothermal, biomass, wind, solar, garbage power generation, etc.) and power transmission and transformation projects, as well as industrial and civil construction projects, geotechnical engineering survey design, technology Consulting, project supervision, general project contracting, etc.

Project Description


The reconstruction project includes the expansion, transformation and optimization of the original heat supply network main station, the addition of 2 sets of 50 MW Condensing and back pressure turbine generator units, 2 sets of demisting mechanical cooling towers (6 groups), cooling water system and the related ancillary equipment, etc.

Project Specific

First point to consider : the original power plant had a limited space, while the new DN2000 pipe had to be set underground.

Current local company is able to design only DN1400 pipes in the normal project.

They needed to place the buried pipe under the road; the steel jacket pipe needs to be used to support the big surface load.

Big size steel jacket PUR pipe is the main challenge.

How PASS software helped in the project execution.

Power China Hebei Electric Power used PASS/START-PROF to model all pipes for this reconstruction project.

PASS/START-PROF strong buried pipe analysis ability offers the chance to analysis DN2000 PUR buried pipe.

Embedded ′Elements′ module used to check surface load helped to calculate a more accurate jacket and to adjust pipe thickness.


Now the project design is in its final stage; all pipes and equipment are being installing on site.