Steam generation systems design

Aalborg CSP realized this project with PASS/HYDROSYSTEM in Dubai (UAE).

Company Profile

Aalborg CSP A/S is a leading developer and supplier of innovative renewable technologies aiming to change the way to produce energy today. The company relies on extensive experience from some of the most efficient concentrated solar power (CSP) projects around the world. It designs and delivers green technologies and integrated energy systems to lower cost of energy for industries and power plants worldwide.

Project Description


The project scope included steam generation systems design and analysis for the Noor Energy1, 950MW hybrid solar power project in Dubai, the today world largest CSP plant, able to produce electrical power 24/7.

Project Specific

The project challenge was to obtain the most optimal design regarding the pressure loss in the system, as the pressure drop is directly influencing the total efficiency of the steam cycle.

How PASS software helped in the project execution.

Previously the company used inhouse developed, less effective software, to make the pressure drop calculations.

PASS/HYDROSYSTEM significantly reduced the time for making the pressure drop engineering and producing the pressure drop documentation.

They saved time, due to the ability of the PASS software to import the 3D pipe models. It was done directly from the flex calculation software used in the project.


All pressure drop calculations were issued on time and met the project requirements.