Crude gas booster compressor station aimed to increase pressure at the inlet of a gas treatment unit

Oil Gas Project realized this project with PASS/START-PROF in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, Tyumen Region, Russian Federation between 2018 and 2019.

Company Profile

Oil Gas Project is a dynamic and fast growing company performing design and survey work for Oil & Gas and Power Industry.

The company designs the following types of facilities: development of oil and gas fields, transportation and storage of petroleum products, oil and gas refining and petrochemicals, as well as energy and communication facilities and general infrastructure.

The company was founded in Ufa in 2010 and managed to establish itself as a hopeful partner. Oil Gas Project works with the largest Russian companies such as Rosneft, Lukoil, Gazprom, Gazpromneft, Novatek and others.

Project Description


Project scope included FEED and detail design stages for process equipment piping (centrifugal gas pumping unit, air cooling unit, separation equipment and auxiliary facilities).

Project Specific

Company had to meet the following project requirements:

  • Provide the most efficient solution in terms of length and metal capacity of the process lines
  • They have to designe the project with Russian codes
  • The design must be complied with strength calculation results.

At the initial stage, the company swiftly developed and evaluated two completely different options for project execution, using piston and centrifugal GPU.

How PASS software helped in the project execution.

PASS/START-PROF helped to perform calculation of process equipment piping and of on-site process utility networks in accordance with GOST 32388-2013.

The calculation allowed to optimize the pipeline installation corridors, the length of pipelines, wall thicknesses, and fittings materials.

Use of PASS/START-PROF helped to perform the calculation quickly (within one working day) after creating of the initial working model, optimize the overall metal capacity of process piping networks, and meet customer reqirements.

Oil Gas Project Image


They developed FEED and detail design documentation ; the Regulatory body (Glavgosexpertiza of Russia – GGE) gave a positive conclusion.

They scheduled operation of this facility for 2020.