New PASS/EQUIP 3.5 is released

PASS/EQUIP 3.5 contains new calculation capabilities and features, including the following ones:

  1. Calculation of non-circular cross-section elements (rectangular, oval, rounded, with partitions) according to ASME VIII-1 App.13.
  2. Modeling and analysis of tank frame roofs:
    • a visual designer of the beam frame has been developed;
    • an algorithm has been developed for the automatic generation of a beam-shell finite element model of a tank, including a roof frame, flooring, support columns, and a wall with stiffening rings;
    • an algorithm has been developed for automatically loading the finite element model of the tank with loads from its own weight of elements, snow, wind, equipment, external and internal pressure, hydrostatic pressure, according to the recommendations of the API-650;
    • a module for exporting a finite element tank model to the ANSYS program using the APDL format has been developed.
  3. Calculation of bellows compensator according to EN 13445-3, EN 14917.
  4. Calculation of the flange connection according to EN 13445-3.
  5. Round lid with a large central hole (calculated according to ASME VIII-1) has been added.
  6. Export-import to an open format (XML converter) has been redesigned and updated.

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All users with active Maintenance Support are recommended to download the new software version.

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