Transition to a New Licensing System

PASS Team is pleased to announce the transition of its software to a new licensing and anti-piracy protection system. This new system will significantly enhance the capabilities and user experience of our software.

Key Advantages of the New System:

  • Support for current formats of hardware protection dongles (Guardant and Sentinel) for both local and network licenses.
  • Support for internet licenses without using hardware dongles.
  • Improved process for updating hardware dongles, removing restrictions on remote updating capabilities.
  • Automatic updates for internet licenses and licenses on local hardware dongles along with automatic software updates.
  • A new type of license – internet license – allows users to work on any internet-connected computer through email and password identification. License data is stored on a secure license server and automatically updated by PASS Team.

Internet licenses can be provided quickly (including temporary or trial licenses) with no risk of losing a hardware dongle. This is a network license accessible from the entire internet, which is more convenient for the user in terms of logistics.

Starting from May 2024, PASS Team will switch its software products to this new platform. Users will have the option to choose between a hardware dongle or an internet license when purchasing software.

For existing users, Sentinel SuperPro dongles can be remotely converted to the new Sentinel HL format. This operation is irreversible. Old versions of the software will work only with the Sentinel SuperPro dongle format, while new versions will work only with the Sentinel HL and Guardant Sign formats.

For more information and support, please contact us or visit our Knowledge Base.

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