FVB Energy acquired PASS/START-PROF to model the stress analysis of its District Energy Systems

Vincent Soumoy, president of Fluids & Co, the representative of Pass for North America is proud to announce that FVB Energy purchased the recently released new version of PASS/START-PROF.

FVB Energy

FVB is a world leading, international consultant specializing solely in district energy with over one hundred district energy specialists employed world-wide.

FVB Energy has a successful track record of district energy projects:

  • Start-up of over 30 District Energy Systems internationally.
  • Over two hundred ETS’s designed, installed, and operating in DE systems.
  • Designed and installed over 53,000 trench metres of operating hot water distribution piping.
  • Provided consulting services to 73% of North American district heating systems, and 79% of district cooling systems that have been developed since 1990.
  • Delivered design packages for creation of 28 District Energy Centres.

A few words about Version 4.84 of PASS/START-PROF

4.84 version rises PASS/START-PROF to a new level and makes the software applicable for every piping engineer and designer worldwide. The new release contains extensive enhancements namely for District Heating Industry.

The most important features of PASS/START-PROF 4.84 are:

Extended integration capabilities

The new version provides integration of PASS/START-PROF with the most popular CAD solutions, such as AVEVA E3D, AVEVA Marine and Autodesk Revit. This feature will help users to significantly reduce time required for recurring data input when performing analysis in PASS/START-PROF, and to avoid errors caused by repeated manual data input while creating of a calculation model.

The most frequently used international codes for pipe stress analysis have been added

Namely ISO 14692-2017 for Glass-reinforced Plastics Piping (GRP), ASME B31.12-2014 for Hydrogen Piping and Pipelines (USA), CSA Z662-19 + Ch.11 for Oil and gas pipeline systems (Canada), EN 13941-2019 for District heating pipes, EN 13941 7.3.1, 7.3.2, EN 253: added support for Polyurethane foam insulation stress analysis using EN codes.

Pipe wall thickness calculator and bend wall thickness calculator have been added for all new codes.

Updated ASME codes: ASME B31.9-2017 for Building Services Piping (USA), ASME B31.4-2019 for Pipeline Transportation Systems for Liquids and Slurries (USA), ASME B31.3-2018.

New analysis capabilities have been added

  • seismic wave propagation analysis for buried pipelines and strain check per ASCE 2001 (ALA);
  • landslide, soil subsidence, frost heaving, permanent ground deformation (seismic fault crossing) strain check per ASCE 2001 (ALA);
  • buckling check per ASME B31.8 and EN 13941;
  • Insulation Joint (Electric Insulation Kit) stress analysis;
  • minimum Design Metal Temperature (MDMT) calculation and conclusion if the impact test is needed or not;
  • Creep-rupture usage factor calculation according to ASME B31.3-2018, Appendix V;
  • alternative occasional allowable calculation for elevated temperature fluid service 302.3.6 (2) of ASME B31.3-2018.

New objects allowing consider nozzles movements under thermal effect added

  • vessel nozzle with flexibilities and stress check per WRC 107/537/297/PD 5500;
  • tank nozzle with bulging effect, settlement, flexibilities and allowable loads check per API 650;
  • rotating equipment objects with allowable loads check per API 610, ISO 9905, ISO 5199, API 617, NEMA SM 23;
  • air cooled heat exchanger with allowable loads check per API 661;
  • fired heater per API 560.

The following databases have been improved

  • more than 140 new standards added into pipes, tees, bends, and reducers databases;
  • significantly improved and updated the material database for EN 13480/EN 13941;
  • LOGSTOR, POWERPIPE, +GF+ Urecon Polyurethane Pre-insulated Pipe Jacket Sizes Database for district heating and district cooling networks added.

For more details on this new version.

After a short trial, we have selected Start-Prof for its features, well suited for district energy piping, which is one of our main specialties

Mostafa El-Behery, Engineering Manager of FVB Energy (US Office)

If you are, like FVB Energy, interested by a trial, or for any other information, contact us.