Fluids & Co is now offering CAE Fidesys in Europe and North-America.

Fluids & Co is happy to announce its partnership with Fidesys.

In 2009, specialists and graduates of the Department of Computational Mechanics  of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, founded the engineering company Fidesys.

The company has residential status in the Skolkovo Innovation Centre as well  as residential status in the Moscow State  University Science Park.

Fidesys is a member of NAFEMS — The International Agency for Finite Element  Methods and Standards.

Through Fluids & Co, Fidesys products will be available in North-America and Europe.

CEA Fidesys

СAE Fidesys is an easy-to-use and effective tool for performing a full cycle of strength analysis — loading a CAD-model and its analysis, meshing, setting loads and the material mechanical properties, selecting and setting a FEM-solver, model calculation, and results visualization.

The partnership

The history of Fidesys began in 2009 in Moscow State University, where once a week the scientific group of Professor Vladimir Levin gathered. Today, CAE Fidesys software, that NAFEMS approved, is presented in International CAE Conferences. We are growing, namely with Fluids & Co, our distributor network all over the world.

Anatoly Vershinin, Fidesys CTO

I have no doubt, the high performance capabilities of CAE Fidesys will interest the European and American markets. It is a pleasure for Fluids & Co to collaborate with the strong and enthusiastic team of Fidesys.

Vincent Soumoy, Fluids & Co CEO

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